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Large Pink Agate

Large Pink Agate

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Agate is a variety of the quartz group, a type of chalcedony of different colors that can present microcrystals and chromatic bands. It is of volcanic origin and there are a wide variety of types and all very different from each other.

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Highly revered by the ancients, it was considered the stone of science. It was believed that the Indian agate was the best remedy for eye diseases, and that the Egyptian agate was very effective against spider bites and scorpion stings.

Already in antiquity the agate was highly valued and used as eyes in the images of the gods. They have also been found in the eye sockets of ancient Egyptian mummies.

In Islam, agates are also very precious stones. According to tradition, an agate ring, for example, protects its wearer from certain mishaps and guarantees longevity, among other benefits.


Agate is considered a gentle energy stone, known to bring harmony and balance. It promotes self-confidence and concentration and promotes spiritual growth, love and courage.

The agate is slightly protective when it is dark. It is said that placed on the forehead it calms the fever, and placed along the legs it helps to eliminate liquids.


The agate is formed when magma is expelled from the interior of the Earth to the surface through volcanoes.

Its name comes from a river in Sicily called Achates, where they say that the first gems of this mineral were found.



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