• fotos Alejandro Cortés, diseñador de ECUE,  y modelos

    The brand: ECUE

    Alejandro Gª Cortés, designer from Jerez and nature lover. Her experience designing the line of accessories for Elisa Cortés, a family business founded in 1989, allows her to bring her unique vision to life and together with Verónica Sabido she creates ECUE with a very clear goal: That the client can design their own accessories, giving life to So versatile fashion accessories. they are timeless.

  • Minerales unicos utilizados en Ecue para la creación de prendas de vestir

    nature as inspiration

    " At ECUE we believe in authenticity and individuality " this is how the line of accessories is made up of the treasures that nature gives us, no two creations are the same. Each of our designs are timeless and understated for everything. the spotlight falls on the sconces of your choice: minerals, fossils, antlers and more.

  • clutch trenzado dorado con aplique

    The art of dressing ECUE

    ECUE is a game of creativity and movement, where you can compose and combine the pieces that best suit each moment, creating endless possibilities.

    A very Made in Spain style, where we merge the workshops of southern Spain, specialized in minerals, carpentry and leather goods, to offer you exceptional quality products.

artisan luxury

We proudly bet on sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods: we exclusively use leather from waste generated in the food industry, demonstrating our commitment to reducing waste and preserving the natural environment.

tienda de ECUE, selección de productos

Come visit us

We have a physical store in the Old Town of Cádiz on Calle José del Toro 11.

We also have numerous points. for sale in multi-brand stores throughout Spain and other countries: xxxtienda1xxxx, xxxtienda2xxxx,...

Online you can find us in our own ecommerce, in Es Fascinante, xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx.

And by. course from Instagram you can buy our products at @ecue_spain